Range Department

Wisconsin FORCE is the source for range and club assistance in Wisconsin

As the state’s lead organization, we helped write, introduce, and pass the last two improvements on Wisconsin range protection. We are the lead voice in Madison and your source for information on how you are protected and, if needed, we are the link to connect you directly to NRA/ILA for legal questions. Click Here to go to Wisconsin Statute.

We are the top resource in the state, offering guidance on upgrades, expansions, and construction, having advised on hundreds of ranges, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' public ranges. Wisconsin FORCE is your best source for answers.

Using or living near a range is extremely safe. Having a safe, convenient, local facility is a big part of keeping firearm accidents to a minimum. Everyone benefits when local ranges allow citizens to have a safe place to practice, learn or teach firearm safety. Wisconsin has an incredible safety record based on the rare instance of accidents, not only at ranges but when firearms are used hunting, practicing or in self-defense. Local ranges help continue to improve this safety record. Although some private individuals have enough land or proper location that can be used to safely discharge firearms, most do not.

Ranges are designed to safely allow large amounts of rounds to be fired on a small amount of land. Ranges are where shooters teach and learn firearm safety, both formally in classes, and informally due to operating procedures, and activities at the range. Repetition of proper technique and procedures is the key in the proper use of firearms. Just being at a range and following standard operating procedures (SOPs), helps to reinforce firearms safety. Ranges also host courses from basic through advanced, specialized instruction, hunter safety courses, and opportunities for competition and other beneficial activities.

Ranges are site specific and should be upgraded in the most proficient manner. What may be required at one range may be a waste of time and money at another. Wisconsin FORCE can help with your plans to improve, upgrade, and provide general information that will help your facility continue to be an asset to your community.

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