Legislation - Our Work in Madison

Wisconsin FORCE has a constant eye on Madison

Wisconsin Legislation for Firearm OwnersThrough his office window Bob Welch can see the Capitol building. More importantly, he watches what is going on inside the Capitol for Wisconsin FORCE. Bob keeps us informed, lobbies for us and has helped make Wisconsin FORCE a name in the Capitol. Bob has been a huge asset for our cause. His daily monitoring allows him to contact us with anything that may have even a remote implication on our efforts. This allows us to stop or influence bills or rules before they are introduced.

Many times people in government who have good intentions do not realize that what they are proposing may have unforeseen consequences, and they can be reasoned with before precious time and money are spent. With Bob as an integral part of our effort, we will continue the huge success that we have seen since 2007.

With your support, Wisconsin FORCE will continue to ensure that you are represented and your opinions heard.

Please join, renew, and donate today and be a part of those standing guard of our rights.

View the Welch Group report for 2017-2018 here

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